Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Type Child I was with questions

 You don't understand even type child I was with questions to parents.  How many children go to daddy... and say daddy: how can you come home from work and spank us?  You were not here.  Well Daddy always honest with me when I wanted to know and understand something.  Well he told me it was easy...he said when you come home from work with a wife that upset and you caused it...I am gonna fix it...and when I do...that hole thing disappears from her.  Things back to normal.

Well heck hardly a woman stays home with their children...they let others raise them and do who knows what to.  I feel the worst on that one where J is concerned the most, as his desire and waited he did to marry was to have a woman that would stay home and raise their children.  He also wanted her educated with a degree should anything happen to him, am sure he maybe tried to get that done even him paying for but no happen is my guess.   He did not get that even though no need for that woman to work.  Abuse came from even word and what do?  Still put children with maybe she felt not capable of raising them in a good way who knows.  When you work, you let children get away with lots more as you don't see them that don't have to deal with them.

Oh happy not the Fonz

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