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The funny thing is my big brother sent me the 3 of us picture he had..making a comment that he thought the look on my face was me shitting basically and him laughing as they could smell it. I later commented back to him.. do you see where my finger is pointing. hahaha What I would have loved to ask my parents if I could re this picture, is the feet crossing of Connie and Chuck opposite directions, and mine straight?..or put in these positions.


The funny thing about this picture will be more a wow impression as to me in my direction to Jeremy and Joshua if they noticed. When you are facing something what is the right hand side? A book?? TV?? you name it, all is backwards even on computer shit gates did.. calling what side what..backwards from beginning. Why? Well as Matthew even pointing out to me the blue being spirit hearing.. in a human but blue blood color is what? inside...outside requires cut and is red..outside. So woman was the inside people divided we were from beginning our sentence. That really doesn't matter as all is evil inside and outside just a picture is all. Woman being the inside of a ONE devils we are here. Flipping even in programming which my husband Robert Allan Jacob could as a programmer do a rare thing called programming backwards.. that is actually then forward not backwards if that makes sense. So a man capable of forward doing things make work for backwards shit.

Daddy and mom were led to do this people or had hidden knowledge passed down trying with family passing down images to make it known is all. A man not having all the truth either. Some keys to get us there...with a desire as all daddy and mom's of the Lord to save every one of their children and try to do this in the world we live.

My mom wanted all of her children named with all "C" beginning name.. my sis did the same went middle name adding on her's to all being "MD" her's were all done correct for that where as in the Ehrman's it was not totally true. My big brother was not starting with a "C" just called short Chuck for his middle name. My great grandpa on my daddy's mom's side Charles Jefferson Paynter (adopted Peek) was called CJ. I found these things out from my godmother Phyllis Ehrman who did keep the genealogy of the family and give me to scan pictures and things she had informing me. They however never knew?? CJ was a Paynter...hidden maybe was the fact he was married before with a first wife that passed leaving him to raise those children. We us siblings never knew this, so they used to have what called skeletons in closets hahaha this one kept from us. Without dna I would have never found out.

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