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Isaiah 43:11 (KJV) I, even I, am the LORD; and beside me there is NO SAVIOUR.!


Site List for Mom Ehrman-Jacobs

There are 3 other email addresses with a list of sites just like this all tied to son giving me this email address when all my other email addresses were stollen and shut down from me. I am the woman with the testimony in Rev of Messiah it is my seed people "her seed" I judge, and my son's are still working for evil men me never receiving 1 cent from a dam F'n second death already sentenanced Father finally answered for me from the beginning you all are. This call or second death to all end of discussion.

cydehrman@gmail.com cynthiasueehrman@gmail.com and ehrmancsfl@gmail.com

The other sites at go daddy they blocked me from my own domains. It will take an out of the mouth verbal that men get it if a man desires me to ever ever type on a .com hosting site a man of Almighty God only.

Creative Commando's Heading Your Way  (name change)

KISS HUG XXX000 Those are the memories.Creative Commando's Heading Your Way

















I have tried now what 2 years on this dang stuff..well cut off in many ones so all together since called lets say. I have asked for support for how long? word, and you dam men high rollers top money places ask and ask for 2 sons to work for me you assholes. I do not need the dam gov..or F'n law to get my owned things to my son's only not who the F they are married to. I make them joint with me..get screwed you all I do not need a will or a ein trust or an LLC I don't need jack shit from you. If they own my homes they own my possesions you assholes. If they own it who the heck is going to change that? Them right..shoulld they want to divide and get cash. If they are both benificiaries on my IRA who gets it? SS unless changed gives a person 200.00 death benifit..if you got SS and passed they make u give it back. I can do the same with my vehicle. If you are joint owner you own it. Should they keep things together guess what..it all goes to the survivor, or they can change it to what? Tenants in common? Which does what? makes them 1/2 owners. Now not all parents are blessed as I, to have 2 son's I trust will be fair to even do such a thing but I am blessed this way. This really only affects bank account though. My X's mom trusted her daughter and had her name on her bank accounts. I think she did way back at the divorce put her daughter on her accounts that is who she trusted. You assholes will fry for your deeds knowing too who I am.

Blogspot F's with things one html one their way link

I have been blocked from even getting a donate button through paypal and tried ministry type…never hear or dang mess am done with it all. I took a snapshot of a check of mine..and no I didn’t order new address checks on my account I plan to close when Judge does his job..I already did mine re him. Husbands attorney and husband may be next. So question can God change his mind? Evidence in scripture but you need to know where to take it to God’s court room. I am the one to do that. Good luck for you.


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